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The Choice is Yours

Posted by on May 9, 2011


If you wish to live a day filled with anger, you can choose
To be angry. Or if you wish to live a day filled with joy,
You can choose to be joyful.

This day does not make the choice for you, and no other
Person makes that choice either.
The choice is entirely up
To you.
Why can some people be happy even when times are hard while
Others are filled with despair even when all is well?
It is
The individual, internal choice,
not the external
that ultimately determines how life is
In fact, it is more than that. Because whatever is going on
In your own mind and feelings will soon be happening in your
Outer world.

This day is yours to choose. This life is yours to choose.
As long as you have the choice, you might as well choose the
Very best. Decide how you truly wish to live, for right now

The choice is yours…

Ralph Marston

Great Day                Hug You


Posting Disclaimer Notice:
This posting is not my own creation collection. My effort is copy paste only. I got it from internet posted by someone else. I’m just saving some time for you to avoid searching everywhere. I’m not violating any copy rights law or not any illegal action which I’m not supposed to do. If anything is against law please notify me so that it can be removed.

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