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Gmail Suggests and Corrects People Name

Posted by on June 12, 2012

Gmail Suggests and Corrects People Name


If you have many friends then their would be a strong probability that many of them would be having same first name. And this can create problems in any email service which auto suggests name before sending an email. But Gmail has added 2 new features which will help you to avoid making the most common mistakes. The announcement about these features at Gmail Blog says:

Gmail Labs features that help prevent you from making two common mistakes: : forgetting to include someone on an email, and sending a message to the wrong person with a similar name to the person you meant to email — like emailing Bob (your boss) instead of Bob (your friend).

This means that Gmail will also suggest us group of people name to whom we regularly send emails to. VERY SMART!!!. For example when I C.C an email to Umair, Gmail is suggesting me to send an email to Ahsan as well, which is very right because that’s what I was about to do. To my understanding, Gmail has learned the way I was using my email account and that’s how it’s suggesting me people names. Cool!!!

When you see a suggestion to add a person you’ve forgotten, all you have to do is click on their name to add them.


Similarly, if you have 2 contacts with similar name, Gmail will suggest you the other person name as well, just to verify that you have inserted correct recipient name. If you click on a suggestion to replace a mistakenly added recipient, it will replace the old contacts name with the suggested one.


If you don’t see the suggestion feature working for you than don’t worry, Google is rolling them out over the next few days. Just Have Some Patience!

Gmail Suggests and Corrects People Name.pdf

Source: here.

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