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Choose Proper Tea for Better Health

Posted by on October 31, 2012

Choose Proper Tea for Better Health


Here are 7 teas you can drink for a better health. It gives you a boost for pushing yourself or that chilling effect for some relaxation, a cup of tea is all it takes. But there are so many varieties out there and each one has its own health benefit. Let us see 7 of the most popular teas and what they are useful for.

White Tea for Glowing Skin
Tea plants delicate buds transform itself to this fine white tea. Loaded with antioxidants this tea can shield you from harmful free radicals. The elastic nature of skin is protected by proteins known as elastin and collagen and white tea seems to exactly protect those vital materials according to a research done at Kingston University in Surrey.

Rooibos – The Energizer
Iron absorption from food items we intake is seriously impacted by the tannin in black tea and hence people with anemia are advised not to go for it when having a meal. This Rooibos from South Africa is very much close in taste to that of black tea but does not impact on your iron intake as the standard one and hence is recommended for anyone.

Oolong – Your armor for teeth
When researched on animals the china grown Oolong seem to produce good results on cavities and teeth protection. Normal black tea is also known for their impact on good teeth but this oolong that is not fermented as much compared to normal ones is rich in catechins. According to the researchers from University of Naples, they have that antimicrobial quality which aids in preventing tooth decay.

Chamomile for Controlling High Blood Sugar
If you want to control hyperglycemia or diabetes, then you have to go for a cup of chamomile after your meal as it seems to control their progress according to the Japanese researchers. The enzyme which is responsible for developments of diabetic eyes and nerve related damages take a toll when you go for chamomile as the chemicals in it block their functioning. This helps in cutting down on high sugar levels.

Black tea – An all-round performer
Loaded with manganese and fluoride, the black tea which is very traditional makes sure your bines are strong and healthy. You can reduce the probability of a heart attack if you can manage 4 cups of it daily. When you have it with milk, it is noted for making up 1/5th the need of your daily calcium requirement. The stress hormone known as cortisol which is responsible for your tension will become almost dysfunctional with black tea treatment according to the study results of University College London.

Green tea for Weight Loss
Reduced cholesterol and trimmed down body fat are features of green tea as proposed by the researchers at Tokyo. Around 5 to 6 cups a day will do the trick for you which can nutritionally equivalent to a few biscuits intake. This is brought to effect by the catechins, notably the epigallocatechingallate, that raises your metabolism.

Peppermint for Digestion Issues
The peppermint oil present in this tea is noted for bringing down pain in the abdomen and also controlling diarrhea for people who suffer a bowel syndrome that irritates. The intestinal tract muscles enjoy some relaxation if you can take this tea after a meal.

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