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Google Drive

Posted by on January 23, 2013

What Is Google Drive And Why To Use It

Google Drive 

This is an introductory article about Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs). In this we will discuss what really Google Drive is and why to use it. In the next post i will explain you the features of Google Drive and the installation of Google Drive Client Software. My target is to make you believe that it’s a must thing now to use any cloud based file storage service (like Google Drive).

Even if we have made an account at such service, most of us are not utilizing it at its potential. And of course it’s because lack of understanding and knowledge. But after reading this and other future articles, I hope to make you all a power user of Google Drive and other online file storage services

Why To Store Files Online / On The Cloud

Why any of us really need to stores files on the Internet? What’s the point of doing it? Why to duplicate our files and make us more confuse? These are the definite questions which will come to your mind and its logical to think like that, when you have your computer running perfectly and you are quite comfortable with your setup.

Google Drive 

Note: This is a very important article and i have tried my best to explain it in the most simplest way. But still if some of you find it a bit GEEKY / Technical, then you can ask me any question for further clarifications. Please keep sending me your replies / feedback after reading the article and keep asking me the questions about the things which you want to learn about. WHAT I NEED IS JUST A REPLY OR A FEEDBACK FROM YOU GUYS

Benefits Of Cloud Service

1. Once you store your files online, you can access your files from anywhere in the world
2. What if one day you wake up and discovered that your computer is crashed or hard disk is corrupt, all of your important files / folders are gone. No worries if you have saved your stuff on any cloud service, you can retrieve all of your date any time.
3. You can also use cloud services as a backup for your files
4. You can easily share your files with anyone and anytime you want
5. It’s not hard to use at all. Simple and easy steps make your files / folders available for you to access them online without any advance settings to understand.

What Is Google Drive

Google Drive 

To keep it simple, Google Drive is a Cloud Based File Storage service, which allows you to store your files on the Internet so that you can access them from anywhere in the world on any Computer, Smart phones and Tablets.

Note: I recommend to use Google Drive especially for your Documents (CVs, spreadsheets, presentations etc)

Difference between Google Docs and Google Drive

There is no difference between the two, in fact Google Docs has been enhanced to become Google Drive. Some features are the same, but many new features are added to make it more advance and useful. You can also say that Google Drive is a client software for Google Docs.

Why Google Drive
I am a strong follower of Google and a believer that their products are reliable, stable and offer you tons of features with lots of enhancements to expect in the coming future. Most important is that any Google service is not an individual products or software, but it’s a part of other Google services which integrates with each other and gives you a fantastic web experience. Just make a single Google Account and you have access to all of the Google services, using them will make you more productive and efficient.

Google Drive offers you to install a small application on your computer, tablet and smart phones. Installing it will make a folder on your computer. It’s just a normal folder on your hard disk, but it has a connection with Google Drive. Anything copied in that folder is kept on your hard disk and also copied to your account at the Google Drive (You just need an Internet Connection to do that). You don’t have to worry about this replication, all of this task runs in the background without your manual interruption. Once it’s done, you can access your files online using a web browser or via tablet / smart phones.

Last Words:
The features of Google Drive are quite promising and are so easy to use that any computer user with some basic knowledge can adopt it. In the next article we will discuss the important features of Google Drive and the installation of Google Drive Client Software.

Have you ever used Google Drive or any other Cloud based file storage service? Don’t forget to reply me with your comments / feedback.

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