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Check Gmail Mails Quickly On Slow Internet Connection

Posted by on January 24, 2013

Check Gmail Mails Quickly On Slow Internet Connection


Not all of us have a super fast Internet connection and because of that if you want to check your Gmail emails, the Gmail page sometimes keeps reloading like it will never open the Inbox


Or while checking your Emails, sometimes you are presented with an error message.


These messages will appear when you are trying to open Gmail with a slow Internet connection or if Gmail itself has some temporary problems. In that case, i found these two alternative methods quite useful in order to check Gmail mails quickly.
1. Basic HTML view
2. Mobile View

Basic HTML View

The best method to check your mails quickly on Gmail is by using Basic HTML view. This view doesn’t have the dynamic features but fulfills all of your requirement. It’s super fast and has all the necessary things in order to work on your emails.


To check your emails using basic HTML view, just save this link somewhere on your computer or bookmark it :

Mobile View

Another method to check your Gmail mails is by using the Mobile version of Gmail page. It’s the strip down version of Gmail, which shows you all of your emails in your Inbox in a very simple and neat view. Though you will find it little bit complicated, because you will not be able to view all of your folders and labels, but still you can read all of your emails and can also send.


To check your emails using Mobile view, just save this link somewhere on your computer or bookmark it :

Last Words

Many of us are dependent on our Emails and cannot tolerate any kind of delays. But their is always a time when the situation is not in our control. Basic HTML and Mobile views are quite useful in those situations especially when your Internet connection doesn’t respond you properly. At least using these views you can quickly check your new emails and respond to them on time.

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Source: here.

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