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Check How Strong Your Password Is Online

Posted by on January 30, 2013

Check How Strong Your Password Is Online

Forget Password

Passwords have become quite an Integral part of our life. We are linked / connected with so many websites, where our crucial and personal information is stored and we just can’t accept any kind of security breaches. For most of us Internet has become like a digital version of our life, but still we don’t take our security seriously. We only realizes when we become a TARGET.

It’s a Good practice to check the strength of your passwords time after time. You can’t think of your own that you have a super strong password without authenticating it.

I recently discovered few websites where you can check how strong your password really is. It’s a very nice and secure way to check it and incase you have a weak password, you can change it to make it further strong.

All below websites doesn’t promise or guarantee the security of your passwords. Means, they only provide you information on their own that how strong or weak your password is. It’s just for your reference and guidance. Using that information you can make some changes in your password to make it further strong.

1. Microsoft Safety And Security Center
It’s a very simple webpage from Microsoft, where you can check whether your passwords is strong or not. Just type your password in a box and the Strength bar will notify you with the status. It’s as simple as that.

Check Your Password

Website: Microsoft Security And Security Center

2. How Secure Is My Password
It’s another very simple and excellent website where you can check how secure is your password is. As soon you type in the middle-box, it starts giving you suggestions that how much time it will take for a hacker to crack that password. This thing helps you to understand the fact and to make a strong password.

Check Your Password

For example when I entered “shaikh”, the site suggested that It would take 0.077 seconds for a desktop PC to crack your password. Then i changed the word into “shaikh1” and it suggested that it will take 19 seconds. For “$haikh1” it would take 3 minutes, for “$haikh123” would take 6 days and for “$haikh1234” it would take 344 days. It’s really interesting to see how the simple change in characters makes your password more secure.

Website: How Secure Is My Password

3. The Password Meter
The Password Meter is another fantastic website which not only check how good is your password but can also help you to generate a super strong password. It has it’s own algorithm which it uses to check the strength and tells you exactly what is required to make it more stronger.

Check Your Password

Website: The Password Meter

Last Words

These websites provide you useful information about your password, based on which you can make some changes in your password in order to make it further strong. The stronger it’s, the safer you are.

Use these websites to check the strength of your password.

Check How Strong Your Password Is Online.pdf

Source: here.

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