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Gmail Alternate Email Address Without Changing Inbox

Posted by on February 4, 2013

Gmail Alternate Email Address Without Changing Inbox


Gmail has tons of tweaks which you can use either for fun or to make yourself more productive. There are many hidden features or not very known things of Gmail which are quite useful as well. For example, you can change your Gmail Account name to make it more attractive or valuable and you can also reformat your email address to make it different and easy to remember.

Likewise, Gmail offers you an alternate email address which you can use without changing your Inbox. You can replace @GMAIL.COM with @GOOGLEMAIL.COM in order to have a completely new Email address. If anyone sends an email to you on your email address ending with @GOOGLEMAIL.COM, you will still receive that email in your old inbox, nothing will change a bit beside the email address itself. For example, my email address is Now if someone sends an email on, I will still receive that email on my same Gmail account in the same inbox.

You would be wondering that why it’s like that. Well, was a workaround solution by Gmail to provide its service in United Kingdom and Germany where there was a trademark dispute on rights to own the name of Gmail. Because of this, Gmail users in UK and Germany were only able to sign up for Gmail service with an email address ended with instead of

Google has made domain available for everyone. At the time when anyone makes an account at Gmail, every Gmail account has two email addresses automatically, one is commonly known, while another email address that can also be used to receive mail message is ending with domain.

What’s The Point Of Having It

Using techniques like Adding DOTS in your Email address or using a different domain like will help you to sort and filter your emails. You can use different variations of your email addresses at different websites. For example, you can use email address for important correspondences means work related and can use email address for registering it at social networking sites or can share it with your friends. Beside using different emaill addresses, you will still receive all of your emails in the same inbox and then you can use Gmail Filters to sort your emails with different Gmail labels.

Last Words

Though this is a very old thing, but still not many people are aware of it. Using can benefits you in a number of ways, some of them i have already told you above.

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