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Al-Hameed (the One Who is praised)

Posted by on August 4, 2013

Al-Hameed (the One Who is praised)

islamic quote

In His Person, Names, Attributes and Actions, He possesses the best of names and the most perfect of attributes and the best and most complete actions for indeed the Actions of Allaah are based upon Grace and Justice.

“Alif Laam Raa. A Book which We have revealed to you that you might lead mankind out of darkness into the light by the leave of their Lord, the Mighty, the One Who is praised.” (14:1)

“And indeed We bestowed upon Luqmaan wisdom saying: ‘Give thanks to Allaah,’ and whosoever gives thanks, he gives thanks for (the good) of his ownself. And whoever is ungrateful then verily Allaah is All-Rich, Worthy of All praise.” (31:12)

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