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Rid Yourself of Jealousy

Posted by on December 14, 2013

Rid Yourself of Jealousy

rid of jealousy

Rid yourself of jealousy, for the joys of others shouldn’t be a part of your qualms.
One of the deadliest poisons a person can consume in their lifetime is the poison of jealousy. As people we are all blessed with certain talents and certain skills, and what someone else has should never make us jealous, but instead should ignite our own flame for life.

As we see others take what they are given and make lemonade, we should be inspired not jealous. We are all given talents and gifts by our almighty God, and if we waste time worrying about what others have versus spending time developing ourselves chances are we will never get to the points in life that we are destined to arrive.

Instead of being jealous give your life a greater focus. Don’t worry about what others are doing so much, and worry about becoming the best person that you can possibly become. You will never be fulfilled in life by hating on someone else’s success.

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