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When You Travel Everything Balances Out

Posted by on February 13, 2015

When You Travel Everything Balances Out


“You lose sight of things and when you travel everything balances out.”

When we stop exploring our souls, we stop asking the questions that we need to consider in order to find out what we are passionate about, the questions that help us to find what are dreams are.

We have a tendency as we grow up to forget about the vivid imagination we once had as kids, as society rebukes these imaginative ideas and labels them as childish and un-edifying.

Instead of shunning our imagination more as we grow older, we should harder embrace it. The explorer inside of you is more than likely the person inside of you that may be able to best help you change the world. Never let the explorer inside of you settle, remind him or her that the only way to do something of meaning in this world is for this boldness inside of you to make its way out. Never stop exploring, because when you do, you stop living, and accelerate the process of dying.

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