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Pain Never Lasts

Posted by on March 29, 2015

Pain Never Lasts


“I seen a baby cry then seconds later laughs… the beauty of life, pain never lasts.”

Though it may not seem like it now, the pain that you are experiencing is not infinite. Pain is good for one of two things. It will either leave someone so weak that they will not be able to continue to fight on in their life, or it will make someone so strong so that they can continue on to bigger and better things in their life.

It isn’t easy to experience and go through things that bring us pain in our lives. But one reality we have to come to accept is that though pain will be present in our lives, if we are able to overcome it, the pride and strength that we gain from the experience will be something that we will be given a humble confidence and pride from.

To make the best out of our days we have to be willing to fight each battle we face with everything that is inside of us. Fight through the pain, and you will never have a reason to not smile.

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