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Don’t Raise Your Voice Improve Your Argument

Posted by on March 30, 2015

Don’t Raise Your Voice Improve Your Argument


“Don’t raise your voice improve your argument.”

Instead of wasting your time getting angry, use your time become a better you. Often times people get so caught up in arguing that they forget what they are even really arguing about! If you really want to live your best life, you can’t really waste your time arguing with others about what you believe in, you just have to live what you believe.

Also note that when you choose to debate, a lot of the times when you raise your voice and show anger, you show fault in what you are saying, and even if you are arguing the truth, you are still wrong.

Improve your argument by being an example, and by living out what you believe so that others can see the light in you, instead of being forced to stare at the darkness in themselves. When you argue to profoundly and with anger, you may be able to condemn someone, but condemning will barely bring change, at least not as often as just being a living example of what light versus darkness really is!

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